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Ocean Shores North Beach, WA - Elks Lodge 2581


Annual Lodge Statement & Suggested Charitable Donations

Annual Lodge Statement & Suggested Charitable Donations

Annual Member Dues Statement including additional Elks donation options

Annual Member Dues ($104.50)
ADDITIONAL (Suggested Optional) CHARITABLE DONATIONS (Voluntary)  (Select amounts below):

Elks National Foundation Suggested amount: $10.00 (optional)
WA State Children’s Therapy (Tall Elks) Suggested amount: $15.00 (optional) 
Lodge Scholarship Fund: Suggested amount: $10.00 (optional) 
Lodge Building Fund: Suggested amount: $10.00 (optional) 
ENF and Tall Elks are separate donations necessary to help this Lodge meet Grand Lodge and WSEA per capita charity assessments
The Lodge Scholarship fund helps a very worthwhile local educational cause.
The Lodge Building Fund helps defray much-needed maintenance costs.


Available Options:

Elks Lodge Dues:

Elks National Foundation:

Lodge Building Fund:

Lodge Scholarship Fund:

Other Donation (specify at check:

WA State Childrens Therapy Pgm.:

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